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The scientific interests of the laboratory are  aimed at the development, research and practical use of modified sorption materials in medicine, primarily in  national  healthcare..
Many years of fruitful research in the Institute with the use of sorbents in medicine are associated with profound fundamental and exploratory work of scientists under the leadership of Academician Borodin Yu.I., Academician Konenkov VI, MD, Professor Letyagin A.Yu., a clinician member of AN  Lyubarsky MS and his co-workers). The effect was formulated and confirmed: sorbents exhibit the properties of synergists of the lymphatic system, providing an effective protective effect in general on the body. The accumulated knowledge  in this field at the present time has served as a basis for  the development of modified sorption materials and on their basis new drugs  generation  possessing not only high therapeutic activity but also having a pronounced detoxification effect that can be achieved by including porous sorption carriers in the   formations of medicinal forms, allowing along with the delivery in the therapeutic zone of active substances to sanitize the body by hemosorption (exposure through detoxification of blood), enterosorption (by oral administration), application sorption (effect on damaged skin), cosmetic use (hygienic sanitation). Works  with and under the leadership of Letyagin A.Yu.,  Konenkov VI,  Korolev MA,  Klimontov V.V. successfully performed assignments for a grant related to pre-clinical studies of a normotimic drug based on a complex of lithium citrate, aluminum oxide and polymethylsiloxane, intended for the treatment of mental disorders. The drug manifests neuro-regenerative properties, promotes the preservation of brain and liver structures in alcohol intoxication. The drug based on the basic carrier, modified by a compound of silver, has good antibacterial properties. Joint research with professor Michurina . have made   possible to obtain a composite preparation with pronounced chronotropic and detoxifying properties.

The aim and  the  tasks of the Laboratory

The purpose of scientific research of the laboratory:  pharmaceutical development, experimental study of the effectiveness and safety of new  normotimic, chronotropic and antibacterial substances on the basis of complexes of active pharmacological ingredients with a porous carrier.
-the  development, research of physical and chemical properties of basic porous carriers for active pharmaceutical ingredients;
- the  development, investigation of safety and effectiveness (in experimental models) of modified basic carriers with microelements (lithium, silver, etc.), hormones and other biologically active substances.
-the  development, research of safe and effective hygienic means (without talc and starch) on the basis of basic carriers.
- study of the influence of the developed preparations on the basis of modified sorbents on the structures of the lymphatic and vascular system (lymph nodes, vessels, interstitial space) in norm and in pathology.
Current research
- Completion of studies of the normotimic drug within the framework of the State Contract "Preclinical studies of the normotimic drug based on a complex of lithium citrate, alumina and polymethylsiloxane";
- Completion of studies on the correction of lithium-containing composition of ethanol-induced brain damage in the experiment;
- Implementation of scientific and technological research  in the developing of  a silver-containing composition with antibacterial effect;
- Research  on the development of a melatonin-containing complex with chronotropic and neurotropic properties.

Methods of research

Atomic emission spectrometry with inductively coupled plasma, spectrophotometry, adsorption methods for sorbent texture determination, X-ray phase analysis, light microscopy, electron microscopy. Experimental studies on animals are conducted jointly with the SPF-Vivarium CGI of the SB RAS.
Laboratory results:
- The technology of obtaining a normotimic drug (ND) based on a complex of lithium citrate, aluminum oxide and polymethylsiloxane was developed, and a pilot industrial procedure for the production of medicines was developed. According to the test "accelerated aging" of samples of the finished dosage form  (FDF)  it has been  shown  that the  life of medicinal products is 3 years. The stability of drug indicators is preserved for all indicators (in conjunction with  Pharmaceutical company  Sanat FC).
- Experimental samples of medicines (packages "sachet") for preclinical studies
- Preclinical studies of drugs (together   with Gol'dberg Research Institute of Pharmacology and Regenerative Medicine   GRIPRM   RAS,   634028, Tomsk,  Lenina, Str 3 )  were successfully carried out, including the study of specific activity, acute and chronic toxicity, immunotoxicity, mutagenicity, reproductive toxicity, carcinogenicity, pharmacokinetics.
- According to the results of the study of the drug with normotymic properties, PhD thesis (the candidate's thesis)  was   protected (Kotlyarova AA, 2017, specialty: pharmacology - 14.03.06). Patent No. 2620118 had  been received (Bulletin No. 15, 2017)   and a patent application was sent.
- PhD thesis   on the preparation with antibacterial activity is being carried out (Popova TV).
-  patent No. 2418586 was obtained for a drug with chronotropic and neurotropic properties (together with the experimental pharmacology group (headed by prof. Michurina),  studies of the effect of the drug on the immune system, brain, liver of experimental animals (mice) are conducted.
 -  Series of hygienic products - sorbents-powders of the brand SIAL-RA (without talc and starch) has been developed . together with OOO «Sanat»

Interaction with other organizations

Vorozhtsov     Institute of organic chemistry SB  RAS  (Novosibirsk)

 Boreskov  Institute of Catalysis SB  RAS (Novosibirsk)

Institute of Geology SB RAS (Novosibirsk)

Novosibirsk State medical University

LLC  Pharmaceutical company "Sanat" (Novosibirsk)

LLC    Altayfarm  (Novosibirsk)

LLC   "Antar" (Novosibirsk)

NPO "Vector-Vita"

LLC  "Harmony Vita"

International cooperation

Institute of material science, NGO "Physics-Sun" (Uzbekistan)

Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México (UNAM, Ensenada 22860, Mexico)


Selected Publications


V. I. Konenkov, L. N. Rachkovskaya, A. Yu. Letyagin, N. I.Suslov, A.V. Shurygina, M. V. Robinson, M. A. Korolev, A. A. Kotlyarova, T. V. Popova, E. E. Rachkowski, T. N. Pavetieva, N. V.Shilova, Yu. V. Nesterova, O. G. Afanasieva, P. V. Kulpin Influence of lithium preparations on electrophysiological activity of the brain // BULLETIN of EXPERIMENTAL BIOLOGY AND MEDICINE, 2018, Volume 165, No. 4, P. 463-469

V. I. Konenkov, L.N. Rachkovskaya, A. Yu. Letyagin, N. I. Suslov, A. V. Shurlygina, M. V. Robinson, M. A. Korolev, A. A. Kotlyarova, T. V. Popova, E. E. Rachkovskii, T. N. Povet’eva, N. V. Shilova, Yu. V. Nesterova, O. G. Afanas’eva, P. V. Kul’pin. EFFECT OF LITHIUM PREPARATIONS ON CEREBRAL ELECTROPHYSIOLOGICAL ACTIVITY IN RATS// Bulletin  of  Experimental  Biology  and  Medicine, 2018  Vol.  165,  No.  4, pp 470–473.