LABORATORY OF LYMPHODETOXICATION                                                                                                  Russian version


Laboratory of lymphodetoxication is engaged in development and introduction of new methods of complex efferent cell and lymphotropic therapy in the treatment of surgical diseases, gynecological and therapeutic profiles.  Supervises laboratory - Smagin Alexandr, professor, MD, PhD.

The laboratory has the operating room for three beds, blood cell separator  AS-TEN. 204 «Fresenius», «Haemonetics MCS +», «COBE Spectra» for the isolation of cell lines.  Patient monitoring system of the company «NIHON KOHDEN» is used in the laboratory. Gambro Prismaflex used  for the correction of homeostasis and extracorporeal detoxication. Procedures  of plasmapheresis,  hemoperfusion, therapeutic plasma exchange, phototherapy, various  lymphotropic treatment performed in the laboratory.




Khabarov Dmitriy, senior researcher, MD, PhD.

Kochetkova Mariya, researcher, MD, PhD. Demura Alexandr, researcher, MD

Suitkina Irina, researcher, MD.

Ivannikova Nataliya assistant Rakitina Nina, assistant Golovina Viktoriya assistant Skirnevskaya Olga assistant