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The employees of the Group of hysto-lymph relations carry out detection of specific morpho-functional reconstructions of different parts of the protective system. It's conducted the study of:

- structural - temporal, functional and genetic bases of the organization of the lymphatic region of organs during ontogenesis;

- identify the role of these bases in the formation of life support systems of the organism; the peculiarities of their humoral regulation;

- interaction with tissue microenvironment in the norm, also during adaptation and disorders caused by exposure to damaging factors of exogenous and endogenous nature at different stages of ontogenesis taking into account biorhythms.

The ways of their correction (lymphocorrection) and lymphoprotection are developed. There is used the integrated approach in the research with the estimation of the studying objects at the molecular, subcellular, cellular, tissue levels and at the level of inter-system interactions.

Svetlana V. Michurina is the head of the group. She is a doctor of medical sciences, a professor, a member of the academic council of The Scientific Institute of Clinical and Experimental Lymphology (SICEL), a member of the Scientific Council of the Interregional scientific-consultative center of endoecological rehabilitation, a member of the Russian society of lymphologists, a member of the Siberian society of lymphologists, a member of the Society of anatomists, histologists and embryologists, a member of the dissertation council D 208.062.05 Federal Agency for healthcare and social development of the Russian Federation GOU VPO Novosibirsk state medical University.

 In 1995 she defended her doctoral dissertation "The Liver and its regional lymph nodes with exposure to 3,4-benzpyrene in ontogenesis". Scientific consultants: academician of RAS and RAMS, S. I. Kolesnikov, academician of the RAS Yu. I. Borodin.

For scientific work she was awarded diplomas of the Presidium of the Russian Academy of medical Sciences, Presidium of the Siberian branch of the Russian Academy of medical Sciences. Eight dissertations were defended under her leadership (one doctoral and seven candidate dissertations).

Research topics:

- identification of genomic and post-genomic markers of development high risk of obesity, diabetes mellitus 1 and 2 type, cardiovascular complications, diabetic retinopathy, secondary osteoporosis, diabetic foot syndrome - for personalized prevention and therapy, preventive interventions and cellular technologies (head – MD, professor V. V. Klimontov).

- the development of innovative technologies for formation of high-risk groups of socially significant diseases among the population for preventive interventions based on lymphoprotective technologies (head – MD, professor Letyagin A. Yu.)

Scientific objectives:

- To examine the role of the pineal gland in the regulation of molecular mechanisms of histo-lymphatic relationships in the lymphatic regions of organs of hepatolienal and excretory systems in the dynamics of genetically determined obesity and diabetes mellitus 2 type and their complications in db/db mice.

- To develop innovative approaches to the treatment of diabetes mellitus and its complications based on the using of prolonged action melatonin drugs with  metered release of the hormone, located on the nanocarriers, capable to modulate the function of the endocrine, immune, lymphatic systems. (In cooperation with the laboratory of lymphoregulation, head - candidate of chemical Sciences L.N. Rachkovskaya and the laboratory of endocrinology, head - MD, professor V. V. Klimontov).

- To examine the melatonin effect on molecular features of lympha-endocrine and histo-lymp relationships in the liver and its lymphatic region under conditions of experimental modeling light functional  epiphysectomy.

Basic directions of activity of the Group for solving of scientific problems:

Research interests of the staff are concentrated in the field of modern lymphology. The object of its study includes three components – the lymphatic (drainage, vascular) system, the lymphoid (immune) system with its central and peripheral component and the system of loose connective tissue (the interstitium).

These components in its interaction form the single protective system (academician V. I. Konenkov), a morpho-functional unit of which is the lymphatic region, including transport and detoxification components (academician Y. I. Borodin).

The control of antigen-structural homeostasis is provided by lymphoid (immune) cells, that are located in the interstitium of the organ, and also forming the parenchyma of lymph node.

The employees of the Group of histo-lymph relations of the FMLS laboratory of  SICEL:


The senior research

Arhipov Sergey Alekseevich,

 the doctor of biological sciences


The senior research

Ishchenko Irina Yuryevna

 the candidate of biological sciences



assistant researcher

Chernova lyubov Ivanovna




assistant researcher



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