LABORATORY OF CONNECTIVE TISSUE DISEASE                                                                                                                  Russian version


Main Research Field

Clinical and Translational Research for Autoimmune Diseases and Connective Tissue Pathology


Research Subjects

- Paracrine regulation of  connective tissue remodeling

- Inflammation and angiogenesis in rheumatic diseases

- New biomarkers of connective tissue diseases

- Development of prognostic criteria of biologic therapy clinical efficiency

- Genetics of rheumatic diseases

- Assessment of new anti rheumatic drugs

- Osteoporosis in rheumatic diseases 


Head of Laboratory

Maksim A. Korolev, MD, PhD

Dr. M. Korolev graduated from the Medical Faculty of the Novosibirsk Medical Institute in 1995. He took postgraduate training courses in  Rheumatology in Sechenov Medical Academy (Moscow), St. Johanns Spital in Salzburg, (Austria), University Clinic in Budapest (Hungary). In 2008 he defended his PhD thesis on the clinical and immunological characteristics of the sexually-acquired reactive arthritis . In 2007 Dr. M. Korolev had received the second higher education in the specialty «Economics and Management in the Healthcare», (Novosibirsk State Medical University).

His current scientific and research Interests are in pathogenesis, genetics and targeting treatment of the rheumatic diseases, development of prognostic criteria of biologic therapy clinical efficiency, assessment of new antirheumatic drugs, osteoporosis in rheumatic diseases. M. Korolev current position is a Deputy Director for Science and Clinic in the Scientific Institute of Clinical and Experimental Lymphology. Dr. M. Korolev  is a member of Association of Rheumatologists of Russia (ARR), Russian Association on Osteoporosis (RAO) and European League Against Rheumatism (EULAR). His is author of more than 40 articles in peer-review journals, co-author of 4 monographs and 3 patents. His research projects were supported by the grants from the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation.


Research Group





Dr. Elena Letyagina, MD, PhD.





Dr. Julia Ubshaeva, MD, Ph.D.





Dr. Natalia Halaydzhi, MD





Dr. Anna Akimova, MD





Dr. Marina Prudnikova, MD





Dr. Nadejda Banshchikova, MD





Dr. Vitaly Omelchenko, MD





Arsene Mullagaliev


Selected Publications

1. Analysis of the state-of-the-art of consulting medical care to patients with glucocorticoid-induced osteoporosis or its risk according to the data of a questionnaire survey (GLUCOST study). Baranova IA, Ershova OB, Anaev EKh, Anokhina TN, Anoshenkova ON, Batyn SZ, Belyaeva EA, Bolshakova TY, Volkorezov IA, Eliseeva LN, Kashnazarova EV, Kinyaikin MF, Kirpikova MN, Klyuchnikova EP, Korolev MA, Kuneevskaya IV, Masneva LV, Muradyants AA, Otteva EN, Petrachkova TN, Peshekhonova LK, Povzun AS, Raskina TA, Smirnova ML, Toroptsova NV, Khasanova RB, Shamsutdinova NG, Shaporova NL, Shitova NS, Shkireeva SY, Shostak NA, Lesnyak OM. Ter Arkh. 2015;87(5):58-64.

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6. Distribution of allelic variants of promotor sites of cytokine genes and endothelial growth factor gene among healthy subjects and patients with rheumatoid arthritis in a Russian Europeoid populatio. Konenkov VI, Golovanova OV, Prokof'ev VF, Shevchenko AV, Zonova EV, Korolev MA, Leonova IuB, Khalaĭdzhi NA, Lapsina SA. Vestn Ross Akad Med Nauk. 2010;(9):9-14.

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8. Comparative analysis of allelic variants of promotor sites of cytokine genes il1b c-31t,il6 g-174c,tnfa a-238g,tnfa a-308g,tnfa a-863c,il4 c-590t,il10 a-592c,vegf c-2578a among healthy caucasoids and rheumatoid arthritis patients in russia. Konenkov V.I., Prokofiev V.F., Golovanova O.V., Shevchenko A.V., Zonova E.V., Korolev M.A., Leonova J., Khalajdzhi N.A. Annals of the Rheumatic Diseases. 2010. Т. 69. № 3. С. 665.  

9. Pharmacogenetic criteria for the efficacy of basic anti-inflammatory therapy for rheumatoid arthriti]. Konenkov VI, Zonova EV, Korolev MA, Leonova IuB, Shevchenko AV, Golovanova OV, Prokof'ev VF. Ter Arkh. 2010;82(12):56-61.

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15. V.O. Omelchenko, M.A. Korolev , E.A. Letyagina , A.V. Shevchenko , V.F. Prokof’yev , T.I. Pospelova , V.I. Konenkov  Polymorphisms in the genes of vascular endothelial growth factor are associated with the earlier onset of rheumatoid arthritis / SBioMed-2016, Abstracts, Novosibirsk, Russia 30–31 August, 2016., P. 69.

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Clinical Trials

A4091058 «A phase 3 randomized, double-blind, active-controlled, multicenter study of the long-term safety and efficacy of subcutaneous administration of tanezumab in subjects with osteoarthritis of the hip or knee»

CL2-78989-012  «A randomised, double-blind, placebo-controlled proof of concept study of the efficacy and the safety of gevokizumab in the treatment of patients with giant cell arteritis»

CNTO136ARA3005 «A Multicenter, Randomized, Double-blind, Parallel Group Study of CNTO 136 (sirukumab) Administered Subcutaneously as Monotherapy Compared With Adalimumab Monotherapy, in Subjects with Active Rheumatoid Arthritis»

CLCZ696B2317 «A multicenter study to evaluate safety and tolerability in patients with chronic heart failure and reduced ejection fraction from PARADIGM-HF receiving open label LCZ696»



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